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IVT Medical Ltd.
is a medical device company that specializes in research, design and development of novel wound healing technologies.
Our vision is to provide breakthrough, safe and effective, state-of-the art technologies, globally affordable to all, to enhance wound healing, contributing to a better and more humanistic world.

IVT Medical Ltd. developed its first product the TopClosure® System, an innovative- ingenious technology intended for the management of simple and complex wounds for civilian, military and mass-casualty injuries applications. Recently, based on original basic science and vast clinical experience, IVT Medical Ltd. developed the Vcare α®, a cutting edge wound healing device applying regulated negative pressure-assisted wound treatment (RNPT) to enhance healing of complex and hard to heal wounds. When applied concurrently, the TopClosure® and the Vcare α® provide ideal conditions to improve wound healing.
Our Products:

TopClosure® System may serve as an essential device for dynamic acute & chronic wound closure and secure in a broad range of applications. By its wide distribution of stress to the skin away from the wound edges, tension on the scar can be substantially reduced, thus enabling closure of extremely hard to close wounds and improving the quality and aesthetics of scar.

The Vcare α® was designed to provide a pre-set regulated negative pressure to open wounds with the intent to minimize the risk of bleeding, focusing on patient's specific clinical needs. We put emphasis on research and clinical assessment while improving this technology to maximize its safety, functional efficacy and quality performance. The Vcare α® is equipped with specially designed user friendly software & electronics for bleeding detection and alarms control (complies with IEC-60601-1-8 standards)for better detection and control of bleeding.
Combined application of TopClosure® and Vcare α®
When applied simultaneously, the TopClosure® and the Vcare α® ,through ROI-NPT, provides a ground breaking technology, changing the standards of care by: Accelerating wound closure, reducing the need for skin grafting and flaps, downgrading surgical complexity and morbidity, early wound closure & better wound coverage quality, reducing scarring with improved functionality.

TopBioShield Personal Respirator Mask:
Full-face PPE & COVID-19 solution for Medical Personnel, First Responders, & Rescue Teams. TopBioShield is a personal, full face coverage, bio-protective respirator with N99 reusable protection. The hood covers the head, face, eyes, nose, and mouth. With its unique, air-tight, low-leakage neck-seal design, TopBioShield fully protects the eyes and all respiratory passages.
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